3 ideas de negocios online que nunca habías escuchado

Publicado el 25-05-2017

You must know it. He wakes up early in the morning thinking about his new idea of ​​online business .

He knows he needs him more than anything in this world.

I crave to have it. Your digital business An own empire on the internet that allows you to live the dream. Making money without obstacles and from the comfort of your home.

He spends the whole day visualizing his first million dollars , and making accounts of “how much money he could spend if …”, and he goes to bed at night with the same idea piercing his head: “I need a business on the internet”.




Days go by. And this situation is repeated: with different online business ideas . But, nothing happens.

Because dreams do not create the reality you want.

He will not get a digital business if he does not get to know the truth. And you neither. 

Do you know this character?

I know him To many like them.

Even, I have been in that situation.

Dreaming of making a really significant internet business . That not only generates me money, but that changes the lives of hundreds of people . Working from anywhere in the world without worrying.

Do you feel identified with this situation?

Why; how it affects that a few dominate the market selling garbage, while YOU have a great idea that can change the world.

Surely you have asked yourself, Why do they and you do not?

The reason is simple.

Because those who really achieve it do not dream about it . Those who manage to make a digital business and live from it, are the ones that DO .

Do you see the difference? Do Vs Dream




The good news is that they, like you, started with a dream, but they had the courage to take a step forward , to start their online business idea.

Look at the mirror! Do not you want to give a life of comfort to your family?

With the following digital business ideas you can do it. They are practical and executable ideas , provided you have the will to make them come true.

You can start today. They are not for everyone, but:  Anyone can make them come true.


1. Launch a Gift Shop on the Internet

If you are a person with a penchant for original business creating a store and gallery on the internet is a simple solution to start .

There are two ways to make this business idea a reality.

With affiliate marketing, making a virtual store, and obtaining a commission of up to 50% for other people’s works.

Or creating your own online gift shop (with dropshipping) where you do not have to worry about distribution and dispatch.

In Gananci we publish a step-by-step tutorial that explains what dropshipping is and how to start with this great tool (CLICK HERE)

Although you decide to make your own gift shop, or an affiliate marketing store, the essential steps to create it with the following:

Step 1.   Create a website (In Gananci we did two tutorials that will help you create your web page or blog in a few minutes: How to make a web page step by step and How to create a blog step by step)

Step 2. Once your website is ready, you can get down to work. Select one to one product you want to sell.

Step 3. Upload photo and description of each of the products  on your website in individual pages or posts of your blog. It’s very easy with wordpress: CLICK HERE.

Step 4. Study methods of promotion through social networks and internet search engines, and execute a solid strategy.

Step 5. Get your income

  • If it is for affiliate marketing you will get a commission on the sale through the affiliation platform
  • If you own your dropshipping shop others will take care of the complex part, shipping and distribution ( CLICK HERE to understand the business )




2.  Create a Bitcoins exchange house 

Bitcoin is a digital currency used by many companies and sites on the internet. Bitcoins allow you to make purchases and you can also convert them to money from your country.

Create a blog where you offer the service of buying and selling bitcoins . This is a good idea to start on the internet, since there are many people who have decided to leave their savings in bitcoins.

Others buy bitcoins to invest in new technologies, why not create a virtual exchange house where you will generate extra money through commissions?

To make this idea a reality, follow these steps:

Step 1.  Study well how the ups and downs in the market influence the value of bitcoin. That is fundamental.

Step 2. You must have a portfolio where you can manage bitcoins like Multibit.

Step 3. Create a web page  where users can buy or sell bitcoins  in the currency of their preference, and charge a commission for each transaction.

Step 4. Integrate your tools

Step 5. To make your service popular and recognized, invest in advertising and attract customers to use your services.

The big advantage is that very few Spanish speakers offer these services and the demand for bitcoins is getting higher every day.

Sounds good, does not it? A bitcoins system that you automate to generate constant income .




3. Make an Instagram agency for Medical Offices

If you like to help people  and you also have the gift to sell anything through images, create a digital agency that allows you to help your clients to get exposure by Instagram.

You will have the possibility of getting patients to doctors who need help with their digital marketing.

Currently Instagram is the social network where you share the world’s largest images. With more than 700 million active users, it has the great potential to attract the masses to your business.  

There are hundreds of digital agencies that are dedicated to this, and have achieved great results for their clients.

But you have the mission to create something really unique.

That stands out on the competition. And that thrills people.

It is not easy to be an artist -to generate ideas-: to achieve great things through Instagram.

When you get others to believe that your service is indispensable, customers will come and multiply.

Start to start with this idea, and you will be in the business of the future.

See how it is done by clicking HERE.




What other business ideas do you know? Get to work and change your personal story.

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  1. excelente articulo me encantan estas ideas ajustadas a las tendencias actuales como lo es bitcoin, esta critomoneda que ha dado mucho de que hablar

  2. Muy buen articulo. Muchas gracias por compartir tu experiencia con todos nosotros. Dios te bendiga.

  3. Hola Andres, muchos saludos. Muy buenos artículos en general.

    Quisiera saber, que implicaciones a nivel legal se pueden presentar al momento de crear la Casa De Cambio Virtual de Bitcoins o depende de las regulaciones de cada país, o al ser virtual no hay problema por ahora. No se? Seria bueno aclarar este aspecto ya que la idea suena bien y es de buen futuro.


    1. Hola Hernando, las regulaciones no están muy claras aun en la mayoría de los países. De todas maneras, puedes recibir y enviar pagos en criptomonedas con servicios como Coinbase.

      Espero te sirva la información. Invertir en blockchain y criptomoneda es el negocio del futuro.

  4. Sensacional cara. Creo que la mayoría de nosotros nos identificamos con este personaje. Buenas ideas surgen, pero no la ponemos en práctica. Creo que el miedo de que la cosa no funcione sea uno de los principales factores. Pero nada sucede si no se pone en práctica.

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